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All About The FDA

What is the FDA?  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the Health and Human Services Department of the United States.  Its mission is to protect the public health by regulating food supply, human and veterinary drugs, medical products, cosmetics, and more.  In addition to regulating food and products, it is also responsible for researching new products and ideas to improve all of these areas.
Why is the FDA necessary?  The FDA is important to our healthcare and communities because it requires all products it regulates to meet the same requirements.  Their intention is to protect us against consuming any harmful products. It also looks over imported products we receive to make sure they are safe.
What does it regulate?  The FDA regulates prescription and non-prescription drugs, food products, food additives, vaccines, tissue products for the body, products that give off radiation such as laser products and microwave ovens.  It also looks over cosmetic items such as nail polish and skin cleansers. The FDA regulates tobacco products and veterinary products such as pet foods. You can check out a more complete list of products and foods looked after by the FDA on their website (see link below).
What does it not regulate?
The FDA does not regulate certain foods such as meat, poultry and some egg products (these are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture).  It also does not regulate dietary supplements. The FDA however can assist and take action when safety issues arise with products, they are not responsible for.
The FDA can be a great resource for our health and the health of our communities.  Check out the FDA website for more details and for information regarding food recalls, new research, labeling/nutrition and more: https://www.fda.gov/about-fda/what-we-do

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