African American History Month

African American History Month

The month of February honors African American history and dates back to as early as 1915.  African American history month, also called Black History Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans and their role in the history of the United States. President Ford in 1975 issued a message to Americans to recognize Black History week, which turned into Black History Month.  In the year 1986 the month of February as African American History Month was passed by law in Congress.

African American History month is an important part of our history and there is more we can learn every year.  Each year, there is a specific theme to the month.  In 2020 the theme is African Americans and the vote. This theme is named each year by the Association for The Study of African American Life and History (ASALH).  African Americans and the vote recognizes the struggles for black Americans of the right to vote, through history and to today.

Some ways that African American History Month is celebrated are in our schools, workplaces, and in our communities.  Movies, speeches, poetry readings, art exhibits and dances are just a few of the ways that African American History is honored.  You can ask your school or look online to find local African American History Month events near you.  Dig deeper this month into our Nation’s history and learn more about African American History Month.

To learn more about the history of African American Month and for the sources, click here:

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