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Adult Care Homes

What is an Adult Care Home?

An adult care home, also known as an assisted living residence, is a facility where residents who cannot live alone or choose to no longer live by themselves reside.  An individual may need to reside at an adult care home due to safety issues or they might simply choose to for the companionship.  Individuals may need assistance due to physical illness, mental health issues, learning disabilities, mobility and many other reasons.  These residences are not medical facilities, however adult care homes are typically monitored by state regulations.  Adult care homes can be a stepping-stone in one’s aging process and potentially provide the necessary support to keep one with some independence. 

What services are offered or provided?

There are many services that can be offered at an adult care home.  An individual receives a bedroom that can be unfurnished or furnished.  Some facilities provide single rooms where others hold shared rooms.  Meals may be provided along with laundry and housekeeping services.  For additional needs, assistance with activities of daily living can be arranged.  This can include assistance with showering, getting dressed, eating, mobility and more.  Facilities provide different ranges of care and this should be considered when making your decision.  Some adult care homes can incorporate more or less care depending on the individual’s need.

Where can I find resources for adult care homes near me?

Choosing an adult care home is a big decision.  It is important to the take the time to first figure out what services are needed and then choose one that is comfortable and fitting for you or your loved one.   Here is a great resource for you to explore adult care homes in your state and area: https://www.aplaceformom.com/

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