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Activity Director Part 2

Lets review:
In case you missed the last post, this week we are taking a look at the role of an Activity Director in healthcare facilities.  An Activity Director is someone who plans and coordinates activities for individuals living in care facilities.  An Activity Director has the following skills: enjoys working with people, is creative, has good communication and organization, is resourceful, and much more!  Below is a closer look at more specifics about the job duties and educational requirements of an Activity Director.
Job Duties
Here is a list of many of the essential job duties an Activity Director is responsible for.  These can vary depending on the facility and the state requirements.

  1. Create activities and events. These should be tailored to the residents to promote growth in the following areas: entertainment, socialization, physical activity, improving activities of daily living, and mental stimulation.
  2. Ensuring proper equipment and spaces are available. Planning for each event includes making sure all the tools for each event are obtained and that you have the needed space to perform the event with your anticipated amount of attendees.
  3. Create and coordinate scheduling. A consistent schedule is necessary in a healthcare facility and ensuring that the rest of the staff and residents are aware of it is also important.
  4. Consult with other staff. The activities and events created should be coordinated with other staff involved in the individuals care to make sure they are the best fit for the individual and/or group of residents.  This allows the individual(s) to receive the best care possible.

Educational Requirements
We Care Online makes it simple to become an Activity Director through taking one course and also completing 45 hours of work within a four week period.  This program is available in 9 states (Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and New Hampshire) at this time, with more to come.  In those states there are no additional educational requirements!  Other states may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and possible licensing, depending on the specific state requirements.  Click here to see how you can start the program through We Care Online: https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/all-states/activity-director-all-states/

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