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A Look at The FDA In The News

As we previously learned, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the Health and Human Services Department of the United States.  Its mission is to protect the public health by regulating food supply, human and veterinary drugs, medical products, cosmetics, and more.
A recent article was published regarding concerns with dietary supplements being promoted to support brain health.   The article is titled “New Report Discouraged Adults From Using Brain Health Supplements”.  The article cited that of all adults over 50, 69 percent of them are taking a dietary supplement each week.  Eight percent of these are reporting they are taking one to reverse dementia. Unfortunately, there is no proven cure to reverse dementia at this time.  Per the FDA, they do not regulate dietary supplements. The article states that you should avoid dietary supplements that claim that they can treat, prevent or cure a disease.  The FDA has responded to many of these false claims by citing the companies. In order for a supplement to state that their product reduces the risk of a disease they must get permission from the FDA first.  It can be helpful to review that any supplements taken are authorized by the FDA. We can help educate our patients, family, friends and those around us by taking a closer look into our healthcare. The article does include recommendations for brain and memory health from the Global Counsel on Brain Health which are regular exercise, healthy diet, sleep and socialization.
As with all medical questions or changes, please consult with your healthcare provider on all medical decisions. Here is the full article sourced and for more information: https://apple.news/AKe6NEMB8T1S8Ll9JCQrCbQ

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