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7 Unique Ways to Celebrate

The holiday season is upon us, but holidays don’t have to be the only reason to have a celebration.  There are ongoing life successes, milestones, events and even small achievements that we choose to celebrate.  Whether it’s an A on an exam, losing a first tooth or conquering a fear, there’s many little things in life that can be celebrated. When was the last time you celebrated something?  Taking the time and planning to celebrate even small achievements, motivates us to continue moving forward.  It also makes us thankful for what we have and able appreciate the small things.  Here is a list of 7 ways to celebrate new things in your life this year:

  1. Make a video. Get creative and record your accomplishment or make a video talking about it.  Then you can share it with friends and family!
  2. Make a collage, framed photo or scrapbook of the reason for celebration. Document your occasion so you can enjoy it for years to come.
  3. Treat yourself to something nice. Now and then, a nice reward is well deserved for an accomplishment. It could be a small purchase or a larger splurge.
  4. Have a fancy dinner. A nice dinner is a great way to celebrate any success.
  5. Plan a fun activity or game night. Have a night of fun to enjoy with family and/or friends.
  6. Create a time capsule. Get together items to commemorate your occasion and put it in a capsule to look back on in years to come.
  7. Decorate your home or room. Some decorations can go a long way in showing off a celebration.  Add some streamers, pictures, or any fun decor items that commemorate your celebration.

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