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5 Ways to Show Emotional Support

Emotional support in a relationship is showing love, support, concern, and encouragement for the other person.  As humans, we all want to develop genuine relationships with others.  And in our relationships, we want to feel supported through the ups and downs of life.  Emotional support can vary between relationships but is necessary to providing a strong foundation.  Developing a healthy relationship includes providing and receiving emotional support.  Through strong emotional support your relationship strengthens, and you are drawn closer to one another.  However, with all relationship qualities, emotional support is something that must be practiced and built upon through the life of any relationship.  Here are 5 ways you can show emotional support in your relationships:
Take the time to listen to the other person and make eye contact.  Showing that the other person’s feelings are the most important to you in that moment by not interrupting or becoming distracted.

  1. Ask questions. Ask meaningful questions to better understand what the other person is telling you.  This can help to prevent misunderstanding.
  2. Provide encouragement. Be intentional and consistent in demonstrating your support and encouragement in your relationship.  Everyone needs a personal cheerleader to help them through life.
  3. Discuss your emotions. Don’t bottle up your feelings and emotions by keeping them all to yourself.  Know when it is necessary to open up about your problems and concerns.
  4. Respect where the other person is at and not passing judgement over their feelings and concerns.  Make the other person aware you are present to support them.

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