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5 Ways to Have More Fun at Work

How often do you leave work and think, ‘work was really fun today’?  Many of us focus more on the productivity side of work and completing tasks and putting out work fires.  Having fun at work doesn’t seem to fit in with the day to day production.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Work should be a balance, with some fun put in.  Including fun in your day doesn’t mean that it is all play and no work.  Having fun at work and enjoying what you do each day brings a sense of fulfillment and longevity with your work.  It creates a positive environment and helps to build teamwork.  Here are 5 easy ways to have more fun at work:

  1. Decorate the workspace. Decorate your cubicle or talk with your coworkers and discuss decorating your office.  Putting up holiday or theme decorations is a fun activity to do together and something you can enjoy all year round.  Plus, it creates a warm environment for your patients.
  2. Have monthly social events. Work events don’t have to be confined to the 40 hours you spend at work.  Try hosting a monthly social event with your office.  It could be an ice cream sundae bar or a happy hour or a night at the movies.  Create a fun committee to help host these events.
  3. Make a themed bulletin board. Have a monthly themed bulletin board highlighting new staff, staff birthdays, employee of the month, holidays, etc.
  4. Spend your lunch socializing. Get to know your coworkers and spend your lunch eating with each other.
  5. Start a compliment box. Have employees submit compliments about each other when they do something nice, or have a work accomplishment, etc.

Source: https://daringtolivefully.com/have-fun-at-work

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