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5 Ways To Challenge Your Negative Thinking

Negative thoughts can enter our minds at any point throughout our day. Whether we choose to dwell on them and let them influence our thinking and behavior, or not, is our choice. Most of us would agree that eliminating negative thoughts would help to improve our mental well-being. A way to work toward getting rid of negative thinking is to challenge the negative thoughts that we are experiencing. Here are 5 ways to challenge your negative thinking today:

  1. Recognize the thoughts and pattern right when it starts. Know the signs and the first thoughts that enter your mind. If you realize what is happening right when it begins, then you have a greater chance of acting on it before it gets worse.
  2. Write down your negative thoughts. This can help you visualize and see what they are.
  3. Ask yourself questions about your thoughts. Asking questions to help determine where these thoughts are coming from or if they are justified could be helpful to breaking the negative thoughts down and eliminating them.
  4. Play through the worst case scenario of your thoughts. This can help you visualize the outcomes of your thoughts.
  5. Tell yourself to stop. Attack your thoughts each time they enter with using the word stop.

Negative thinking can spiral out of control without positive interventions. Take one or all of these steps to impact your negative thoughts today and move toward positivity!

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