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5 Surprising Customer Service Ideas

In most areas of work, customer service is crucial, no matter the position you hold.  If you are working with others outside your company, quality customer service is important to obtain and retain your customers.  Within your organization, customer service is also necessary to demonstrate a good example and foster a helpful environment.  In the healthcare field today, customer service is significantly important because many patients have a choice in their healthcare.  Patients can choose from multiple doctors, pharmacies, and clinics depending on their insurance or coverage needs.  Providing excellent customer service will not only benefit your position, but also makes your day-to-day job easier.  Customer service has room for creativity and evolves as our culture changes.  Here are 5 customer service ideas that you may find surprising that can be successful:

  1. Personalize your customer service.  Make your customer service personal and unique to each of your customers.  This may seem like a large task, but it can be as simple as changing your conversation from structured to individualized.
  2. Ask for feedback from your customers.  A lot of people love to provide feedback and feel included when their voices are heard.  Take the time to listen to the feedback, when it is good and maybe not so good.
  3. Find a way to delight your customer.  Giving your customers something to be happy about is a great way to provide excellent customer service.  Provide an incentive or reward for their dedication to your organization.
  4. Show off your support for your customers.  Make it known to all your customers and future customers what they mean to your organization and be sure to thank them.
  5. Be transparent.  Customers appreciate transparency and feel they can trust you and the services you provide.

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