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5 Steps to A Good Night Sleep

What do you think of when you or someone says, “I had a good night sleep”?  A good night sleep is good night sleepimportant but can have a different meaning to different people.  Maybe a good night sleep means sleeping without waking up.  Or maybe you like 9 hours of sleep at night, or you could enjoy waking up naturally and feeling rested.  Getting a good night sleep, however, is important because it can reduce your stress, fatigue, overall health and mood, it can boost your immune system, and so much more!  Here are 5 steps you can take to help you get a good night sleep:

  1. Wind down before going to bed. Instead of jumping straight into bed, try doing some activities to help you unwind.  Try reading a book, watching a little television, taking a bath, or brew some tea.
  2. Have a bedtime routine. Going to bed is easier when you have a routine in place that is the same every night.  This will help keep your body consistent, by reminding your body it is time to go to sleep after you complete your routine.
  3. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. As mentioned, having a routine is most important to your body.  Keep your hours of sleep consistent throughout the week and weekend.  Your body will grow accustomed and will follow the routine if it is consistent.
  4. Sleep comfy. Make sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress, pillows, sheets, etc.  Also, it is ideal for your room to be at lower temperatures while you are sleeping.
  5. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and eating right before bed. These things can cause disruptions in your sleep.

Hope these steps are helpful to you and your good night sleep!  Information was sourced from the National Sleep Foundation:
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steps to a good night sleep

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