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5 Favorite Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

Depending on where you live, you could already be feeling the effects from a cold winter.  And with several more months of possible cold weather ahead, many are thinking about how to stay warm.  Not to mention, utilizing other means of keeping warm, besides turning the heat way up, can help you save money.  Trying new ideas to stay warm can also make the cold weather fun.  Here are 5 favorite ways to try staying warm this winter:

  1. Layers! Pile on more clothes, blankets, socks, and hats. This is especially important when venturing outdoors, but can also be useful inside.  Grab an extra sweater or cozy pair of socks to put on.
  2. Enjoy warm food and beverages. Comfort foods such as hot tea, soup or your favorite casserole can help keep you warm.  You can have fun with trying new recipes and foods that are hot.
  3. Stay active. Keep active consistently throughout the day to help keep your body warm.  Exercise each week and keep moving!
  4. Acquire some flannel sheets. These can help keep you warm at night so that you do not have to turn up the heat as much.
  5. Use a hot water bottle between your sheets or an electric blanket to stay warm at night.

You can get creative this winter season and try new ways to keep your body warm.  What are some of your favorite ways to stay warm?

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