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5 Back-to-School Nutrition

Back to school can be a challenging time for many people.  Back to school means new teachers, school supplies, new schedules, new classes, studying, homework and more.  Entering a new school season can shift our focus from a balanced life.  Often, we forget about the importance of health and nutrition, or often don’t make time for it.  Here are 5 tips to consider in keeping up with nutrition during the school year:

  1. Meal prep. As you are learning to adjust to a new schedule from summertime to the school year, it is important to plan ahead.  Don’t rely on last minute preparations.  Try saving yourself sometime in the morning by meal prepping.  On days that you have time, grocery shop and prep your meals for the week.
  2. Eat breakfast. Having breakfast can kickstart your day.  It can give you energy for the day and can be an important meal of your day.
  3. Have snacks (after school). Having a snack after school can be a great bridge between meals.  Many kids don’t eat their lunch or didn’t get enough to eat throughout the day.  A snack can be a great supplement.
  4. Drink water. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your day.  During school it can be easy to forget to drink water.  Pack a water bottle to ensure you drink water.
  5. Eat right. Make sure the meals you do eat include healthy food items.  Focus on fruits, vegetables, healthy whole grains and lean protein.  If you have dietary concerns consult with your doctor or see a dietician.

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