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4 Ways to Prepare for An Emergency

HCA-Caregiver-Burnout-xqqI3o.pngWhether you are a patient, caregiver or assisting someone navigating their healthcare, it is important to plan ahead and protect your health in case of an emergency.  Your ability to bounce back from an emergency is more successful if you are prepared.  No one expects an emergency to occur and once one does, it is difficult to control many aspects of the emergency.  However, one thing that you can control, is your overall preparation with food and necessary supplies.  Here is a list of 4 ways to prepare for an emergency:

  1. Have a supply of food and water. Keep non-perishable food items like canned goods and bottled water.  Make sure the food is items that you can eat or those in your household can eat with food allergies and dietary restrictions.
  2. Keep extra medical supplies. This can include medications, medical equipment, assistive technology and more.  Make sure these are kept up to date and in a location that is accessible.
  3. Stock up on first aid supplies. These are essential to keep in your home, vehicle, work and any place your frequently travel to.  At many stores you can find pre-made first aid kits that are small and portable.
  4. Become knowledgeable of CPR and first aid. Many employers require first aid and CPR training.  However, this may be beneficial to any community member and especially those caring for another person.  Many parents of young children also choose to become trained in this area.

Make sure to pack emergency items in a portable carrier and place expiration dates on the items, if not already marked.  Check and restock items every 6 months to ensure they have not expired.  Click here for the source and to see additional information: https://www.cdc.gov/phpr/prepareyourhealth/PersonalHealth.htm

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