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The 3 W’s Of A Medication Aide

Are you licensed as a Certified Nursing Aide and want to take your career a step further? Or are you exploring possible healthcare fields that involve working with people?  Then take a look at what it means to work as a Certified Medication Aide! Here are the 3 W’s of what a Medication Aide is all about:
What is a Medication Aide?
A Medication Aide works in a nursing home and their role is to pass medications to patients.  They ensure each patient is taking their medications correctly and at the right time.  They may track a patient’s medication administration.  A Medication Aide also may complete standard nursing aide duties.  A Medication Aide should enjoy working with people, be detail-oriented and able to complete medication mathematics.
Why are Medication Aides necessary?
A Medication Aide assists nursing staff to provide safe and ethical care. Medication Aides provide additional support to medical staff and patients.  Medication Aides interact frequently with patients and are often the ones to notice medication concerns.
Why become a Medication Aide?  As many jobs that involve working with elderly patients have boomed, so have the prospects for a Medication Aide.  People are living longer and many need long term care.  A Medication Aide is a step to increase both your job options and your salary.  Further your career by becoming a Medication Aide!
The qualifications for becoming a certified Medication Aide are you must be 18 years or older, already certified as a nurse aide and have passed a reading test.  The coursework for a Medication Aide includes 75 hours of training (50 are online/book education and 25 are lab/clinical).  For more information on becoming a certified Medication Aide through We Care Online, click here: https://wecareonlineclasses.com/courses2/kansas/certified-medication-aide-kansas/.

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