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25 Winter Activities to Try

Whether you are locked indoors already due to the weather or are simply looking for some activities to keep you occupied this winter, here is a list of 25 indoor and outdoor activities to keep you busy and having fun.

  1. Go see a play or ballet
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Make hot chocolate from scratch
  4. Take a hike
  5. Read a book
  6. Go see a movie
  7. Play a board game or a card game
  8. Bake a seasonal dessert
  9. Drive and look at holiday lights around town
  10. Go shopping
  11. Go to the zoo (many zoos have winter/holiday lights to view)
  12. Light a fire in the fireplace (if you have one)
  13. Go bowling
  14. Go sledding
  15. Go to a museum
  16. Try a DIY project in your home or fix something that’s broken
  17. Go to the gym or workout at home
  18. Try cooking a new recipe
  19. Set up holiday decorations in your home
  20. Build and decorate a gingerbread house
  21. Try an indoor art activity, such as painting or drawing
  22. Go to an indoor sporting event
  23. Watch a new movie or an old favorite
  24. Experiment with new hot beverages to keep you warm in the inside
  25. Listen to some holiday tunes

The winter season doesn’t have to be filled with only holiday stress and holiday preparations.  Explore around town or in your home with one or more of these activities, to create a new adventure this winter season.  Invite family and friends to join you and create new memories.

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