How to Fall Back in Love with Your Life

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Life

imagesld60yay0 Travel often.

Designate one weekend a month to get yourself out of the city, out of the country or at the least, out the front door of your apartment. Let the ever-changing scenery of your life keep you inspired, invigorated and consistently reminded that there’s so much more to the world than your everyday routine.


Make room for surprises.

Instead of trying to control every last aspect of your life, give your life the chance to surprise you from time to time. Say yes to the date you would usually reject or the party you’re not sure if you should go to. Sometimes the things we’re most unsure of end up being the things we’re most grateful to have done – but you’ll never know unless you give it a shot.


Learn to receive love.

Accept help from friends when they offer it. Accept compliments when they’re directed at you. Let yourself be loved in the tiny ways you don’t always allow yourself to be, and watch how much easier it becomes to accept your own love, too.


Practice gratitude.

Every time a negative thought crosses your mind, deliberately counter-act it with a positive one. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but it is a lot more positive than we tend to give it credit for. Capitalize on that on the days when your mood needs a boost.


Speak to one new person every day.

The world is full of incredible people – in bookstores, coffee shops, on buses and on sidewalks. Take an extra two minutes out of each day to learn your barista’s name or tell the bus driver that you appreciate them. You’ll be surprised at how many incredible people are already in your vicinity.


Dedicate time to self-improvement.

Set aside an hour or two a week to chart out personal goals, projects and affirmations.

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