The 2017 Technology Advancements of Healthcare

The 2017 Technology Advancements of Healthcare

Healthcare in the United States is evolving and it is challenged to do so, in order to reduce spending costs and provide more effective care.  Technology continues to play an increasing role in the advancement of healthcare.   As healthcare jobs become more complex and the need for additional professionals increases, it is important to allocate some responsibilities to technology.

Technology is a part of healthcare innovation from medication to medical tools and from patient information access to online resources.

As part of the healthcare system, it is our responsibility to stay informed and look ahead to the future of healthcare.  Let us take a look atsome of the successes of 2017.

Inthe year of 2017, there has been more advancement with incorporating 3D training tools into the medical education system, where doctors and other medical professionals can look at a human body without having to cut one open.  This allows medical professional to learn about the human body in another capacity than textbooks and physical specimens.  This progresses our education capabilities and allows more complex studies to happen.

Another innovation has been the progress of moving patient records and referrals to electronic ones, to increase the rate of patient follow-through.  There is also new research being done such as new treatment options for cancer patients, heart disease, skin rejuvenation, and even things as complex as BioElectronics, brain transplants, and large compu ter systems to hold more clinical data.  Some of the research aspects are part of the precision medicine effort to make healthcare individualized.

All of these exciting advancements are stages of progress not yet finalized, but rather, they are the sign of great things to come.  We can therefore look forward to next year’s continuation of the innovation in technology yet to come!

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