December 2010

(Note from WCO: The article from the New York Post, below, quotes one of our associate facilities, Meadowlark Hills' Steve Shields, Manhattan, KS.) If you have a relative in a nursing home, you’ve probably had variants of these conversations:Visitor: How’s my father doing today?Aide: Which one...

As the holidays draw near, we're inundated with requests for giving. Stores want your money, family and work want your time, and it seems there's never quite enough of either to go around. There are the parties, the school and church functions,...

Addictions come in many forms, and bear many different levels of social stigma. While needing a jolt of caffeine in the morning might be seen as a mild annoyance, a prescription drug addiction can be devastating. Addictions run the gamut from substances to experiences--overeating and...

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