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10 Ways To Enjoy Less Screen Time

In today’s world, we can find ourselves consumed with screen time. From work to play, many of our day-to-day activities involve a screen of some sort. While screens are necessary for many things and also enjoyable for others, there are benefits to taking a break from screen time. Connecting to the world and those around us in other ways is essential for our overall well-being. Here are 10 great ways to try enjoying less screen time today:

  1. Pick up a physical book or magazine and try reading without a screen.
  2. Set boundaries with your screen time.
  3. Find a new hobby to take up some of your previous screen time
  4. Connect with family or friends in person, even if it is at a distance.
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors. Go for a walk or play a sport in the fresh air.
  6. Create rooms that have no temptations for using screens. For example, not having a television in your bedroom.
  7. There are apps available that you can utilize on your phone to track how much time you spend on it and can help you limit your use.
  8. Play a game, such as cards or a board game.
  9. Eat your meals without a screen and interact with people in your home or at a restaurant.
  10. Plan a trip and leave your residence. Whether a day trip, a longer vacation or a short trip to visit a friend or family member, getting out of your home can help remove yourself from screen time temptations.

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