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10 Swimming Safety Tips

10 Swimming Safety Tips

The summer months are favorites for many people because of the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, specifically in the water. However, with swimming, comes certain precautions to avoid accidents and keep everyone safe. Whether you are an expert swimmer or do not yet know how to swim, following swimming safety tips are necessary for all levels of expertise to ensure swimming safety. Here are 10 swimming safety tips to utilize every time you or your children swim:

  1. Check weather and water conditions before getting into any water.
  2. Never swim alone. Invite a friend or family member to accompany you.
  3. Watch children at all times when they are in or around water.
  4. Designate one adult to be a water watcher for a period of time and then switch. Even if a lifeguard is present, it is important to keep an eye on the people you are swimming with.
  5. Get swimming lessons for yourself and your children.
  6. Install a fence around your home pool and keep it secure.
  7. Do not swim near pool drains or suction outlets.
  8. Empty drainable pools right after you are done using them.
  9. Wear a life vest or swimming floatation device.
  10. Enroll in a CPR class and learn about water rescue skills to keep yourself and those around you safe.

For the source and additional water safety tips, click here: https://www.safekids.org/tip/swimming-safety-tips

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