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10 Study Tips to Help You Ace Your Finals (Part 2)

Earlier this week we looked at the first 5 tips to preparing for finals.  The end of the semester is a time to finish strong and make the most out of your classes.  Final exams can come with added pressure and stress, but through studying smart and efficiently you can feel confident and prepared.  Here are 5 additional tips to help you ace your finals, focusing on specific studying techniques.

  1. Attend study sessions. Many professors and courses offer study sessions.  Although it can feel burdensome to have to attend another class-type setting, study sessions are meant to focus on specific materials that could be covered on the final exam.  Take advantage of them!
  2. Take notes and review them. Hopefully you have been taking good notes throughout the semester.  If not, try asking a peer or looking through your coursework or class book.  Now is the time to spend reviewing your notes and studying areas that you either cannot recall or need a refresher.
  3. Take practice exams. You can create your own practice exams through topics from your notes and/or textbook.  Some books also offer questions or even practice exams in them.
  4. Review previous exams. Take the time to look through all the questions from your previous exams in the semester.  Study the areas that you may have struggled with, to ensure you know them.  Sometimes, final exam questions may incorporate similar questions from previous exams, or at least topic areas.
  5. Ask Questions. Just because your course may be ending, does not mean it is too late to ask questions.  If you are unsure of something, speak up and ask for assistance, whether it is from your professor, a teacher’s assistant or a peer.

Good luck on your finals and have a great end of the semester!

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