10 Study Tips to Help You Ace Your Finals (Part 1)

10 Study Tips to Help You Ace Your Finals (Part 1)

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and that means finals are coming… but don’t stress! It is not too late to make changes for success.  There are things you can do to prepare for finals and make the most out of the end of the semester.  Here are the first 5 tips to help to help you ace your finals by preparing physically and mentally for exam season.  While these may seem simple, they are essential to performing the best on your exams.


  1. Get enough sleep. Getting a good night sleep and enough hours of sleep to feel rested and recharged, should be a top priority.  Most of us don’t feel at the top of our game when we are lacking sleep.  Focus on making your non-sleeping hours productive so that you don’t take away from your sleep.
  2. Eat right. Taking care of your body through proper nutrition is essential to maintaining your health, both physically and mentally.  Eating right can give you energy and the nutrients your body needs to retain information.
  3. Exercise.  Physical activity is also important to staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong.  Adequate exercise can help clear your mind and relieve any stress.
  4. Don’t procrastinate. I am sure you are aware of when your finals are, or maybe reading this is reminding you that they are coming up.  Regardless, it is important to not procrastinate your studying and preparation for your finals.  Think ahead and plan your study schedule.  Having a plan in place will reduce your stress and worry about getting everything done.
  5. Take breaks. Allow time in your day for a break.  This should be your time to not think about your exams or your list of items to accomplish.  Allow your mind to recharge.  Getting back to studying after a break can help you feel recharged and in turn, more productive.

Stay tuned for the next 5 tips to help you ace your final exams!

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