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10 Etiquette Tips for Written Correspondence

Written correspondence is a timeless form of communication that has advanced in our era since the invention of computers and cell phones. With technology advancement, less formal writing styles have appeared through email, text messaging, the internet, etc.   However, it is important to be aware of your writing style and convey your professionalism when writing to your employer, coworker or professor.  Written correspondence is a way to promote communication and clarity in your everyday tasks.  Here are 10 essential tips to having proper written communication:

  1. Be courteous.  Write to someone how you would address them in person and be polite.
  2. Capitalize the first letter in each sentence.
  3. Use complete sentences.
  4. Be formal and address the person by their name.
  5. Be direct and clear in your writing. Get to the point of your communication and don’t feel like you need to add additional sentences to make it longer.
  6. Reread your response before finalizing it. This will lessen the likelihood of you having spelling or grammar errors.
  7. Conclude your response with a closing ‘thank you’ or ‘sincerely’. Make sure you end with a proper goodbye.
  8. Remember your written response is quotable and can be easily referenced.  Unlike a spoken word, a written statement can more easily be traced back to you.  Make sure what you are writing you would also be willing to say to someone’s face.
  9. Know the appropriate time to communicate in writing versus by phone or in person.  Sometimes it is more appropriate or effective to have a conversation in person or by phone.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or ask if an in-person interaction could occur instead.
  10. Know when to ask for help. If you are sending an important written document, ask a peer for advice or have them review it.woman-taxes-online-write-offs-yrpHms.jpgWritten correspondence can be casual or professional.  Your written communication can be a way to impress the person you are writing to and show them your professionalism.   It can be a way to communicate to a larger group of people in a more efficient way.  Try implementing some or all of these tips in your writing today!

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